Radiofrequency Facial

It is also called anti-cellulite treatment, one of the benefits of facial radiofrequency is that it increases the level of natural collagen produced by the body. This results in greater plasticity in the tissues of the epidermis and dermis of the face. You can notice it in a compression of the contour of the factions and greater strength. If you gently pinch on a skunk or the double chin gives less.


The consequence for these changes to happen is the reactivation of collagen production. How do you know, with age this fundamental substance decreases. Instead of recovering during the night, little by little daily consumption causes it to decline. Damaged tissues during the day are not completely repaired and this is when aging begins. With the administration of collagen supplements and creams or by RF treatments it is possible to stop, in part the signs of aging. Nor are we going to say that this is something miraculous. Yes it does help but like everything is you have to take it in your right measure. If you have very deep wrinkles, excess tanned skin, you may be better of with a surgical facelift. If you have rough skin (due to deterioration) of the hydrolipidic mantle, your skin and rough skin flakes), tense (lack of softness and elasticity due to the water deficit) or with dehydration stretch marks (small visible transverse lines on the cheeks when we put the muscles in tension and that disappear when we relax), our treatments will return to your skin the luminosity and hydration it needs.