Reductive Massages

We have reductive and firming programs by zones through a personalized evaluation and diagnosis, specific combinations for each of them. Reductive massages provide a series of great benefits for the human body, such as preventing the accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body, thanks to the stimulation of blood flow in certain areas. It also helps with the stylization of the body, causing the silhouettes to look much more defined and aesthetic. It is characterized by carrying out a method with methods where the pressure on the body is increased and the speed is accelerated, compared to traditional massages.

Help in the circulation of fat by stimulating blood flow.

Help to dissolve adipose tissue and cellulite.

The stimulation of blood flow generated, causing metabolism to accelerate, increasing fat reabsorption and calorie burning.

In 5 sessions, taking place at least 5 times per week, for 40 to 45 minutes you can reduce up to 10 centimeters in size. It is ideal for the reaffirmation and toning of the muscles, although it should not be determined as the absolute replacement of physical exercise since it does not provide all the benefits that are achieved with the hard work of the gym. Useful in the revitalization and unblocking of the bioenergy of the treaty, releasing tension and helping in the resolution of emotional problems. Stimulates relaxation, eliminates muscle tension.