It is one of the most advanced methods in the market for fat loss, a non-invasive method that aims to reduce fat in localized areas such as the abdomen or holsters. It consists of cooling the fat cells thus producing their elimination. A treatment discovered a few years ago at the University of Boston, which showed that fat cells are vulnerable to cold. In our aesthetic medicine clinic Bodycare Valencia we have the best professionals to perform this treatment. A treatment for which no surgical methods, injections or incisions are needed in the area to be treated.

It is a treatment specially designed for those patients who want to eliminate fat located in the area of the abdomen, flanks of the back, arms, pectorals, internal face of the knees, holsters and other areas where the accumulation of fat is high.

Known in the United States as “Coolsculpting,” cryolipolysis is a dermatological process that is defined by its own name. “Crío” means cold and “Lipolysis” means destruction of fats. The cryolipolysis process is carried out through an advanced machine that freezes the fat so that it is then dissolved by the body. Cryolipolysis is a really simple and effective procedure. His procedure does not need surgery, does not need anesthesia and does not require punctures of any kind. Nor is pain experienced during cryolipolysis treatment, and it is a completely outpatient treatment.


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