It is a minimally invasive treatment where a solution is introduced to the area where the targeted fat that you want to lose is located. This is how it will be absorbed by ultrasound. The objective is to cause a destabilization of its own membrane, causing the fat to become unstable. So, when the ultrasound is applied to the injected area, the adipocyte breaks, releasing all the fat that will be eliminated naturally. There are several methods of hydrolipoclasia; among them are:

  • Hidrolipoclasia with cavitation.
  • High-density focused ultrasound and pressotherapy.
  • Hypoosmolar hydrolipoclasia.
  • Lipolysis Laser.

It consists of the injection of volumes of liquid (physiological solution and / or distilled water) with a lipo-reducing vial in areas of localized adiposity and / or cellulite, an ultrasound session of about 15 minutes is carried out, to take advantage of the power of cavitation. Body remodeling with which it is possible to “break” the fat cell (adipocyte), releasing the fat contained in it and reshaping the figure.


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