Microneedling is a technique that emerged at the beginning of the century as a collagen induction therapy for skin care. Thus, it creates new collagen and reactivates the small cells of the skin by means of a dermatological treatment based on making micro-punctures in it with an instrument made up of needles and in charge of controlling the depth of these punctures.

Thanks to these small incisions, we will get the treatment injected with Dermapen to reach the deepest layers of our skin, thus achieving a multiplier effect that will make the process more effective. How? our body will think that it has suffered minor injuries and will try to repair this damage as soon as possible, so it will begin to produce collagen. Therein lies the key to this new anti-aging treatment, since, as we grow, our body stops generating collagen naturally, so by reactivating this protein in an artificial way, we will maintain our youthful appearance, with a more nourished skin and elastic.

Application of the Dermapen microneedling treatment: As a general rule, the patient will need 3 to 4 sessions to make the improvement in skin texture visible. In cases of scars, the usual thing is to need about 5 sessions. As for the immediate effects of microneedling, since they are punctures, the skin may be reddened for a few days, or with small fine scabs. Regarding results, clients who have already tried it notice an improvement in skin tone or texture between the third and sixth week of starting the treatment. The advantage of this novel technique is that it can be used with any type of skin, unlike other anti-aging treatments.


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