Why should we do dermatological deep cleansing?

The dermatological facial cleansing is essential to maintain the health of the skin and improve the skin texture of the person who has acne, oily skin or just feel it need it. At the face there is an excess sebum that can block the pores and is responsible for the unsightly damage like ‘blackheads ‘ and cysts. Moreover the face is constantly exposed to the sun, toxins and the environment pollution that affects the quality of the skin because the skin is not breathing properly. With the deep cleansing we clean the blocked pores from environmental pollutants and excessive sebum secretion and aim for good skin quality.
The dermatological cleaning is recommended to be 2-3 times per year, but on occasions the frequency depends on the quality of the skin of each person. It is important that the dermatological deep cleaning be performed after the summer period, because the sun blocks the skin and the person skin can look dull.

The deep cleansing in Dermatology Cosmetic Center is a combination of a dermatologist-Dr Sakka- and a beauty therapist so that a maximum result can result to your skin. With the specific professional products we use and a new process of- self-heating mask- we open the pores (without using steam that can  cause broken capillaries and irritation to the skin). Then the dermatologist open the pores and cysts with a special tool and with a laser so that the period of recovery after purification is minimized and does not left permanent marks. Follows the application of antiseptic and calming mask.

After removed with professional products and machinery (dermabrasion/ crystals/diamonds) dead cells and help the skin to absorb better the products for deep moisturizing, nourishing and balancing greasy. Latest we apply additional topical treatments that are individualized to the patient’s needs and this can vary according to the type and requirements of each skin. Then, it becomes facial neck and shoulders massage, like only a beauty therapist knows and is part of the cleansing, so revitalized the skin, stimulates blood circulation, oxygenate the skin and through the lymphatic system eliminated the toxins.


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