Probiotics have long been lining the health-food shelves, touting all manner of gut-balancing properties. But now, a new breed of bacteria strains, designed to work from the outside in, is taking centre stage.

Just like the capsules you swallow to keep your gut happy, probiotics can have biome-balancing properties when applied topically to the skin. Cue an arsenal of beauty products – from cleansers and serums to masks and mists – packed with types of friendly bacteria that promise to soothe inflammation, strengthen the skin’s barrier and even diminish acne.

How Do Probiotics Work In Skincare?

Similar to how probiotics treat and prevent problems in the stomach, topical versions are known for their calming effects on the skin by harnessing a surge of good bacteria to help cells flourish. When your skin barrier is happy, it can regulate oil production, stay hydrated, and fend off free radicals.

Probiotics used externally are all about regulating natural balance and helping to moderate the cells signalling molecules in order to increase cell communication and balance the body’s immune response.

As Drago adds, the natural bacterial environment of our skin has a very important protective role, so it’s vital that we keep it intact.’With our over-clean modern lifestyles however, this ecosystem is often damaged and can result in dry, stressed, sensitive skin.’

The solution? Supporting your microbiome with a topical dose of probiotics, helping your personal ecosystem to stay balanced, which in turn results in glowing, happy skin.


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