HIFU-LIFTING FACIAL is an aesthetic treatment that works inside the skin and around the muscle, both facial and body. It emits Ultrasound exactly in specific micro-points, so that each one of them becomes active sources of regeneration. Each of these micro-points is activated and after 2 or 3 weeks the first results appear. In a single session we work with 3 different depths and in it approximately 400 micro-points are emitted. We can use them all over the face and neck or we can focus on the area that is most in need. This technology exists in the medical field since 2007 to treat cancerous lesions at very specific points. Nowadays, it has moved to the medical-aesthetic field, treading very hard since it offers results similar to Lifting but without surgery. The new HIFU-LIFTING is the only ultrasound that works with shots. It emits energy to different layers of the tissue with three different heads and offers amazing results in rejuvenation, skin tension and volumization of specific areas. After a few weeks the skin rises and tightens at the same time. By causing the migration of fibroblasts, it fills the most sunken areas, leaving a smooth surface with a regular volume, without grooves or subsidence. In addition, its stimulation effect causes a retraction of the instantaneous tissue, so that although its effects are appreciated over the weeks, initially the effects can be observed at the surface level.

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